About us

Fitmix Communities is a non profit organization dedicated to improve the wellbeing of Houstonians. We focus on outreach, taking our free group classes to places and areas where they needed the most.  Our goal is to decrease the occurrence of health problems associated with obesity, loneliness and stress, through fun, empowering and creative ways.

That’s what Fitmix Communities offers loving friendships, ongoing support and unbridled joy and why we desire to be a driving force in our city. Fitmix Comm. does not discriminate regardless of nationality, race, religious belief, sexual orientation, class or political opinion.

Our Mission

FiTMiX Communities
Empowering an inclusive global community through the celebration of health, wellness, positivity and love.

To improve the wellbeing of Houstonians in fun and creative ways in an effort to make Houston one of the healthiest happiest cities in America.  Dance is for all.  Health and Happiness too.

As we are entering the end of 2018, we are excited and looking forward to 2019. We are excited to announce that in 2019 we will be launching our Community Outreach Initiative for obesity related diseases with a focus on diabetes.  We believe that 2018 was just the beginning and 2019 will be even better. We want to do it all over again, this time in a wider scale as we welcome more people into FitMix Communities. Hiring more instructors to go to locations and do classes for Seniors, adding classes for Veterans and Adults with special needs.  Adding one more free class inside the loop. Having our 2nd Social January 27th. And working with the City of Houston to have a massive free event, loaded with dance and fun! Just some of the projects already in the works! We couldn’t be more excited about 2019!

Of course none of it would be possible without countless volunteers; the support and guidance of our Board: Ana L.  Sanchez, President; Lyna Marulanda, Treasurer; Anthony Covington, Parliamentarian. And the vision and leadership of our CEO, Yuri Amor Perez.
FiTMiX Communities

Ms. Sanchez is a clever Graduate from TSU with a major in Political Science with a  minor in Spanish and is currently working her way to becoming a lawyer. She’s a health and fairness advocate; and in her shyness, a debate champion.

Ms. Marulanda works for NRG  as a senior HRIS Analyst. Loves to help almost as much as she loves her puppies… and that’s a lot.  She’s kind, considerate and brilliant… she will always listen, empathize and then uplift you.

Mr. Covington is a avid entrepreneur with years of experience in government security and private sector.  He runs his own livestream platform and math tutor for Rice students. He’s very knowledgeable about everything and at the same time humble and always willing to help.

Ms. Yuri is a Business and International Politics Cum Laude Graduate from UofH who after graduation left to Angola with her husband and came back decided to be happy and help people being happier.  She believes in balance, loves having fun, and creating connections.

We are here for you. Thanks for your support. Be part of this community. HOUBelong!

FiTMiX Communities

That’s what FiTMiX Communities has become.

In September 2017 Fitmix Communities became a legal non profit, but it all really started in 2018 when it didn’t make business sense to keep the free classes going if I had to pay for insurance. A friend told me, do a fundraiser, we will cover the cost for insurance. They did and beyond! 

Fitmix Communities

And let’s not talk about our classes! Huge shout-out to Levy Park and Midtown Park for offering us gorgeous outdoor spaces to dance and mingle! So many friendships have been created in those spaces. And Preston Theater, the spot to free our inner sexy god/goddess for 90 minutes on Saturday mornings but feeling like is saturday night! Party and a sense of belonging to a family.

All and all, to be able to spread the happiness even further to senior citizens, adults with amazing abilities and veterans. Already offering 2 free weekly classes in the Heights and in Pasadena, and having the support of UnitedHealthCare in this endeavor too.

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