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Fitmix Communities – Houston TX


I have been searching for some fun activities in Houston for almost eleven years in Houston. I found that I am kind of strict in terms of fun and although many fun activities from different nationality in Houston I found less joyful for me.
I have started to dance with FITMIX group for almost three months. Although I started to dance when I was seven, I did not pursue it upon the arrival in the USA in 2006. Tried couples of dance classes in school and friends invite me to dance events, did n't work out for me. You have to try FitMix then you realize what I am talking about. Music, the energy that YURI bring to the class is amazing. Additionally, you rarely find a dance class which you try most of the dance from South America and Bollywood dance.
I have been a successful individual in my life and career and since I have started to dance with FitMix I see improvement in my both career and life quality. Go Go YURI YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!

Fitmix Communities – Houston TX
Fitmix Communities

Jennie Rohrer

At FitMix Communities, I am part of a family that is so positive and encouraging that it makes me do better and feel better everyday. In fact, every time I go, happiness and love stay with me for hours and days to come. FitMix Communities has helped me get through a lot of tough times through love and support and I am so grateful for that. FitMix Communities reaches out to everyone in the community; all people with all levels of fitness and abilities and makes them feel welcome and strong.

Fitmix Communities

Paty Hernandez

No pos wow! Es una comunidad que te hace sentir que estás en tu casa. No sientes la diferencia entre que tienes una disciplina de ejercicio o si estás iendo a divertirte. Vas y te aceptan como parte de una gran familia, te relaja, te ayuda a olvidarte aunque sea por un momento de esa situación que te estresa o te preocupa. Pura diversión y el tiempo que compartes se te pasa de volada. Hasta quieres más! Es una adicción! Siempre quieres más! Participar en todo!

Fitmix Communities

Joel Luks

FitMix Communities has been a blessing. It’s not only a gathering of supportive, wonderful people where everyone regardless of fitness level belongs, but also has become a loving family that looks after everyone’s best interests. With the help of FitMix, I’ve been able to achieve lasting, significant weight loss and a much more balanced, stress-free lifestyle. It’s the highlight of my week, after which I leave with a feeling of accomplishment and joy.

Fitmix Communities

Liz Berrones

Zumba healed me during a very rough emotional time in my life. The physical and mental energy it spreads through exercise and dance is unmatchable and the friends I’ve made in the Zumba community have become like family. Truly, Zumba can be better therapy for some than other expensive conventional therapy. And SO MUCH MORE FUN!

Fitmix Communities

Lyna Marulanda

I have been in the USA for many years and was always lacking the sense of belonging, feeling loved and having a family. It was a struggle for many years until I came across Fitmix. Fitmix Communities overfilled that need. I can’t see my life in houston anymore with Fitmix Communities by my side.

Fitmix Communities

Cathy Lee Ranks

Fitmix is beyond special! I got licensed in Zumba® at the original location & it's been an amazing adventure ever since. It is always such a fun place for friends, family, instructors, any party people with a cause! Keep up the great work!

Fitmix Communities

Katie Dollinger

Fitmix zumba is the best way to spend your Saturday morning. Not only is it a great workout, but the people are amazing and friendly. Fitmix is a positive force for everyone they touch!

Fitmix Communities

Isa Dorable

1 class is all it took for me to fall in love with this community. Everyone is so welcoming from the instructors to the students. I’m addicted to Zumba. It’s the best therapy.

Fitmix Communities Website

FitMix is a family , FitMix Communities is a family that works together to uplift each other that also helps other people that otherwise would not have the access. That is why I am a part of this team, I hope that our family expands  and helps create a bigger impact in Houston this coming year. We have had so much support from our existing members and for that I am thankful. They believe in the mission and I cannot wait for 2019.

My love for FitMix!
The many reasons I love social media is that I find out about activities that I would never know about. This is how I found FitMix and fell in love with working out. Nothing else has ever kept me motivated and created excitement as Yuri’s program.  I’m forever a fan of this place and the wonderful camaraderie of the participants.

I joined with the purpose to get to know people around the area and to exercise. What I found is a great team with strong values and respect to each other, with the commitment to share love and empowerment to others in deep need like seniors and disabled people. Now I’m here cuz with Zumba I know I can make a positive change for my community!

I have been an ardent Zumba fan for many years and I am very picky about instructors. I was just thrilled to find Yuri and fitmix.  Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless, the choreographies and music are fun and widely varied and there are smiles, hugs and high fives all around. Zumba with Yuri is fantastic, fun and always leaves me looking forward to the next class.

Zumba saved my life.  

Para mi Fitmix Communities es unión, convivencia, alegría, salud especialmente. Salud sin presión, con diversión y energía. Mucha amistad. Me siento a gusto, confortable cuando estoy haciendo ejercicio.  

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FiTMiX Communities

Fitmix Communities is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization dedicated to improve the wellbeing of Houstonians. We focus on outreach, taking our free group classes to places and areas where they needed the most.

  Our goal is to decrease the occurrence of health problems associated with obesity, loneliness and stress, through fun, empowering and creative ways.

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2201 Preston St. Houston TX 77003

Phone: 713.269.1833


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