Donor Packages

Everyone knows someone suffering from health issues such as anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol. And everyone knows someone with challenging life circumstances such as being caretakers of aging parents, having children with special abilities, and going through financial struggles.

Having a physically active community that feels like a family extension with whom you can share thoughts, receive a warm embrace and support others struggling with the stresses associated with everyday life makes all the difference between feeling lonely instead of empowered and supported.

That’s what Fitmix Communities offers—loving friendships, ongoing support and unbridled joy— and why we desire to be a driving force in our city.

Your contribution makes possible our more than 25 free and inspiring classes in Houston and environs. Our programs serve senior citizens, adults with special needs, abused women and Veterans.

Make a difference today by donating to Fitmix Communities! We are a healthy, service-minded community, with an emphasis on fun. Please consider becoming a donor. Your support will help us reach and care for more people.


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