Imagine Veterans become fitness instructors with a social cause, where they are needed and admired instead of being the social cause. Imagine the purpose of the workout or activity is to create a safe space, a supportive community to tell your story about mental health issues like ptsd, suicide, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and feeling purposeless or worthless.

Imagine social workers, therapists, coachesand fitness instructors working together to help us understand a little bit better how mental health issues look and how physical activity, community building and therapy work together to support everyone.

Beyond Us

Imagine this program being offer to corporations and other nonprofits to inspire staff to get moving and help fight burnout. solution free, cozy space, in an open conversation. be used as demonstrations, lectures, speeches, reports, and more. It is mostly presented before an audience.

Imagine this entire community supporting our at risk youth (homeless, addicts, sexual abuse, human trafficking, suicide family survivors.)

Imagine each and everyone of us carrying a rucksack that says: “lemme help you carry a little bit of the weight”.

Imagine one veteran, one at risk youth, one brother, one friend who doesn’t decide to end their lives because….because of heroes.


Yuri Amor

My why is personal and I will tell you. My how is from experience. My who is all around me. My what is this. My when is now.

Samuel Trujillo

Father. Veteran. Avid hiker. looking for his next episode of community involvement. Diagnosed with PTSD. Hicker.

Arturo Pérez

Black belt in BJJ. Father, great son. Brother. Fiancé. Salsa Dancer. Chef. Engineer. Survivor ready to spread the word.

Julie Zachariah

Mom, Veteran Nurse. Dance Professional. Works for VA.

Isabel Gonzalez

Family Provider. Veteran Welder. Community Engagement Professional.

Our Goal


Girls Rehab

Suicide, homelessness, drugs, human trafficking and suicide survivors.


Suicide - family members survivors.

Community in general

Corporate wellness, workouts, community building and awareness

Log in the “weight”

actions people take to help carry the weight:

Program Timeline